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February Update

TheWorldIsMine a posted Feb 5, 14
So as some of you may know, most of us our hooked on Warframe on the PS4. It has a deep system.
Some people including I have called it the best free game we have ever played
With the recent update; it brought a good amount of changes and we 
have yet to discover all of them. DP and I have agreed to get anyone a better suit within a week.

In PS4 news, the update to 1.06 should fix any issues people may have with using the Pulse elite headsets or any other official ps headset.
BF4 is almost always fun to blow things up in anyway still.
There is nothing new to report on the Dust front. Updates have slowed again.

DBD Update December

TheWorldIsMine a posted Dec 16, 13

Hi Guys,

Its been awhile since there was an update. Some things that have happened since the last update: 

Dust514 has been updated twice with two new weapons, changes to Fac War, and a vehicle overhaul.

PS4 has released:
Warframe is what dust should have been for PVE side.
BF4 looks beautiful, chaotic, and almost perfect.

GTAV: Had a dlc for free.

Payday 2 got a big update.

Watchdogs was delayed.

Check out the forums and post your thoughts on games.
Gauder a Also: Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer is actually fun....

DBD update 10/16/13

TheWorldIsMine a posted Oct 17, 13

Just an Update

Rofl is having constant fleets going out, now with EU times so check if you need help with that contact shmoof, uncle, or I and we will get you though it. 
Rofl is also giving away free rofl copters during fleets, check fleet up for the fitting so you can fly your FREE rofl copter.

Dust is still meeting up on sundays so try to make it if you can. with the changes to bio mass prices the locking of districts may be reduced.

GTA V is alive and active, there will be a stimulus package of 500k for all players in the month of October so if you have an alt from dust maybe log them on to GTA aswell. 

That is all for now on the games front, the forums are still alive and open to any person that wants to be part of the DBD community.
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