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Destiny Updat

TheWorldIsMine a posted Oct 2, 14
Well I almost for got I did this but since the last post a lot has happened. Destiny is out now and there is a DBD clan active right now and can be found Here:
There is an AOD side also who are currently running raids on a weekly basis and will help out any DBD that want it.(just so everyone knows I'm in AOD but just for destiny. DBD is my home) AOD can be found here:

There are a few dbd still playing on the PS3 so if you are or wish to find someone to play online with pop on to the games discussion or hide out for a request. 
Finally we still have PC players. Some play eve and others play dota try to check them out they are great games and if you wish to find someone to play with on PC use the forums to link up.
If there are any questions or comments you feel need to be addressed feel free to PM myself or any of the other admins for discussion.

Your Destiny Awaits

TheWorldIsMine a posted Jul 13, 14

Check out the members page for some codes to a game from a fellow DBD member. 

Destiny Beta starts next week hope to see you on there. is a side group that a few DBD members are a part of, check it out.
A Blue Dot .........Named Sneaky Waiting for the Destiny Beta, the struggle is real!

February Update

TheWorldIsMine a posted Feb 5, 14
So as some of you may know, most of us our hooked on Warframe on the PS4. It has a deep system.
Some people including I have called it the best free game we have ever played
With the recent update; it brought a good amount of changes and we 
have yet to discover all of them. DP and I have agreed to get anyone a better suit within a week.

In PS4 news, the update to 1.06 should fix any issues people may have with using the Pulse elite headsets or any other official ps headset.
BF4 is almost always fun to blow things up in anyway still.
There is nothing new to report on the Dust front. Updates have slowed again.